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4 Essential Rules to Packing & Shipping Your Product (to minimize the risk of loss & damage)

Updated: Nov 7

No. I won't be suggesting you to offer extra bonuses, like free express shipping to encourage your audience to purchase or to register for My Post Business (which will result in significant savings especially when you ship regularly). You can read all about it in great details in chapter 6 & 7 of my book.

In this article, we will address the things that will assist you in protecting your parcel from damage or loss, as it can be devastating if it happens (I've been there!). Sad news is it's inevitable at a certain stage. Great news is that when this mishap happens you won't be out of pocket after reading the essential rules below:


Fundamental rule to packing your product with care is using bubble wraps, as well as considering double boxing & filling in empty spaces inside the package. Depending on the nature of your product, you might want to use packaging tubes, double or triple-layered boxes, packaging tissue paper, packing peanuts, cardboard insets, sealing tape etc. Ideally, your package is convenient to handle & carry, as well as made of high quality, durable & waterproof (in certain occasions) materials.

Furthermore, it should be delightful to unpack. Go that extra mile & add a personal touch. Make it personalized - that will leave a great first (and hopefully not the last) impression.

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