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Discovering this e-book is a turning point in your life, as it will provide you with a tremendous insight of how exactly E-Commerce works.

It’s an endlessly fascinating & deeply rewarding (virtually life-transforming) journey!



I will be sharing the knowledge (possessed by a select few) & unique experience (good, bad & terrible), which will save you heaps of time & money. In this book, we will be focusing on vintage jewelry industry, however the techniques, tips & advice given can certainly be applied to almost anything, from selling digital products to cars & real estate.

The book is divided into 15 chapters, taking you throughout the entire process – from sourcing (or creating) a product, presenting it online in a way that customers will fight for it (with great examples), to a timely shipment & that crucial after-sale follow up.

You will embrace the process of writing effective replies to the enquiries, so that your potential customers turn into real ones. As well as you’ll master the process of logistics.

Furthermore you will learn how to handle complaints & benefit from them (with various examples & case studies) & most importantly how not to be scammed (we’ll address the most sinister scamming scenarios) & differentiate real clients from time wasters.

This manuscript outlines the strengths & weaknesses of 20 different selling platforms, including EBAY, AMAZON, 1st DIBS, GUMTREE, SHOPIFY, BIDorBUY, RUBY LANE, SELLING ANTIQUES, as well as industry specific marketplaces you’ve probably never heard before.

We will reveal how to drive tons of traffic to your store & how to make that irresistible offer on ETSY, we will explain how to win disputes & tackle the issues with changes introduced on eBay in 2021 and we will address things you should know before listing on CHRONO24.

The book weighs up pros & cons of drop-shipping models & unravels an ETSY’S 2022-23 algorithm, ensuring you rank high on the global marketplace & get exposure to over 100 million active buyers.

We will also compare various cloud-based web development services & introduce you to online design & publishing tools, so that you can create your very own marketplace sooner rather than later. (it’s a lot easier than you think – you are yet to find out why & how).

When you sell online, great description matters. Thus, this book ends with the most comprehensive “Glossary of Fancy Phrases”, which is your cheat sheet of fabulous, uncommon & eye-catching phrases, related to jewelry/watches industry.

This final chapter of the book alone is super valuable, as you’ll learn how to convince your potential client that your product is exactly what they need. Those words & phrases are truly phenomenal & some may think they relate to hypnosis. Except, we are not going to cheat. We will just make your customers realize what a great value your product is, how it will truly benefit their lives & what an important investment it will become.

On top of this all, you will be trained on art of storytelling (every piece you sell has a story / history behind it, even if it doesn’t) & how captivating stories can put not only butter, but also a black caviar on your bread.

Each chapter finishes with homework, so essential for your progress; mid-chapters offer highly effective promotion tricks & underline an importance of having prolific relationship with people you work with.

The manuscript is finished off with examples of items I personally sold (description + photos), what creative approach I used & how precisely it worked for me.




Over 200 pages, however very easy to read, with tons of value!

Grab a copy today & become at least 1000 steps closer to starting your successful e-Commerce business!

e-Book "e-Commerce 5-Year Millionaire" over 200 pages

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