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7 Boxes to Check if You’d Like to Grow on Instagram in 2023 – 2024

IG is constantly changing its algorithm, but the good news is the below tips will always work in your favour. They aren’t conventional & I’ll be honest that 5 of them were unknown to me up until mid-2023 (and I will surely share which ones at the end).

Ensure your profile & its content tick the below boxes, before even considering to grow on IG this year, as the below points will increase the odds drastically & will get you growing in no time.

1. Well-crafted bio is insanely powerful. Your profile’s bio must solve the potential subscriber’s problem, address their pain & promise the result with a very few and simple words. It does take a certain talent. I’d personally compare it to creating a mission & vision statements for a company: it must be clear, concise yet informative.

First and foremost, use the words similar to what your ideal customer uses to search for a solution to his/her problem. Ask yourself a question: “who you’d like to subscribe?” and use the words they are likely to use. Aim to be as close as possible.

Then answer your audience’s question: “why should I subscribe?” by explaining what exactly is on offer & what the result can be like.

Ex. I will teach you how to sell anything online.

Follow me for daily tips & examples to have that extra cash & pay off your mortgage faster!

Some bloggers insist that the 1st line of your bio should be devoted to your niche statement, 2nd – to your credibility & 3rd should contain call to action; while your profile branding should only display 2-3 complimenting each other colours and only 2 fonts.

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