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How to choose an infliuencer? 

How to do collabs? 

How to run promotions efficiently? 

Find answers in this guide! 




Discovering this 8-page guide is a real game changer,

as it will provide you with guidance on how to efficiently run promotions for your product.

It’s an endlessly fascinating & deeply rewarding (virtually life-transforming) journey!


The guide is divided into 4 parts, taking you throughout the process of understanding what’s exactly needed to ramp up your sales.


  • We will start off with an importance to offer discounts & temporary price reductions (how to introduce them, how long to run them for & when & how to end them).


  • Continue with 4 tips on how to start growing on social media (fast) & collaborate with influencers. We will address the 4 criteria I personally use to pick the right person to work with.


  • Finish off with discussing tools that are used to measure important aspects of your business (and why you need them).


I will be sharing the knowledge (possessed by a select few) & my unique experience, which will save you heaps of time & money.




This guide has been a Best Seller for some time.

Order this PDF today to avoid the mistakes I did in a past.