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Some verbs do magic. Real magic.

With them you will tap into your readers' subconsciousness &

affect one's emotions. 




In the age of skimming, it's crucial to understand how exactly your readers' brain work, specifically what will catch & hold their attention?

Do you make them feel, see, smell?

As if they are actually already "inside" your story? 


The list you are about to get an access to is special.

It's a list of so-called sensory verbs - these link you audience to their 5 main senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing & vision. 


These are powerful & insightful verbs, as they get your reader really involved. 

So use them wisely.

Use them anywhere:  in your social media captions, blog posts & product descriptions/headlines.




Download this list now & start using it today!

List of Sensory Verbs to be Used in Copywriting

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