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As Plato said: “Those who tell stories rule society”

So let's be on a way to mastering the craft of storytelling!




Discovering this 8-page guide is the most exciting step in your e-Commerce & Copywriting journey, as it will provide you with guidance on how to write a compelling story with the purpose of selling a product (and not only).


It’s an endlessly fascinating & deeply rewarding journey!


The guide is divided into 3 parts, taking you throughout the process of understanding what’s needed to master the skill of storytelling:


  • We will start our discussion with how & why stories create emotional connections with readers (on a very special level)


  • Continue with 5 essential features a great story should possess.


  • Finish off with a few very detailed examples, showing an importance of

showing a story (not just telling it).




I will be sharing the knowledge & my unique experience, which will save you time & money.


This guide is on special but it won't last, so grab it now & enjoy! 


$14.95 Regular Price
$10.95Sale Price
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