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Some words & phrases do magic. Real magic.

With them you will tap into your readers' subconscious & craft your headlines & descriptions for a desired effect.




In the age of skimming, it's crucial to understand how exactly your readers' brain work, specifically what will catch & hold their attention?


A website called used neuroscience, the study of the subconscious, to understand how to make an impression on your reader. Their findings resulted in a list of 1072 words, collectively called context words. Divided into 4 categories: insight words, time words, space words and motion words. Their dictionary is free & downloadable.


That inspired me to create my very own list of powerful adjectives, that must be used in your social media captions, blog posts & product descriptions/headlines.

They are powerful, insightful, catchy, captivating & altogether different.




Download this list now & start using it today!

Double & then quadruple your sales with this list and I promise you will see the very first result as early as 2 weeks...

101 Powerful Adjectives To Use When Writing Your Product Description

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