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Storytelling as a Powerful Marketing Tool. PART II: 2 Compelling Examples.

Prequel to this work can be found here - this article outlines the features of a great story. Make sure you read it first.

Below you will find 2 examples of captivating stories that can be used in product descriptions. Yes, go ahead and steal them! The structure, the phrases, the style. Add some changes, alter the names, places, locations, events, but you are more than welcome to use this template! And always remember that the good stories sell, amazing stories sell 10 times faster...


This story is about the vintage sapphire ring. History behind it, to be precise. Where that piece came from, how old it is and it even contains information about previous owners (which most people find quite fascinating).

This Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond Ballerina Style Ring is of Eastern European provenance, dating back to early 1900's. Polish immigrants brought it into Australia after World War II. A doctor, his wife (owner of the ring) & their 3 kids left Warsaw after the War due to post-war economic situation in the country & settled in Australia (north of Sydney) in 1947.

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