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Mastering the Skill of Writing Products' Description That Converts (with examples)

Updated: 5 days ago

If you goal is to master the skill of writing effective texts, in particular the products’ descriptions that convert then you surely are in a right place…

Indeed, if great pictures contribute 60-70% to success, amazing description contributes the remaining 30. Simply because there’s still a huge percentage of people who love to read, especially when they are about to part with their money.

In this article we will address the AIDA structure on which I normally base my description. We will dive into details, discussing how precisely it works & why it works:

Letter “A” in AIDA stands for an attention. It’s crystal clear that capturing an attention is crucial. We all see it in movies: they usually start with something extraordinary, altogether different, eye-catching, not necessarily good. This technique is proven to be effective. Captivating your readers is paramount, as they will continue reading & slowly get to the point. THAT point, where you unobtrusively sell them the product.

Good practice would be using effective & descriptive adjectives, as well as quotes, mini stories, facts, research findings and that famous supposition hook (make your reader imagine that something amazing is already happening in their life thanks to your product). Evoking readers’ emotions is the key in this part.

Here’s an example. I’d like to sell a Colombian emerald & diamond ring, hence start my product description with grabbing readers’ attention – and with some crucial facts (in this particular example an irrefutable evidence that the product is a must have).

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