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5 Unconventional Tips on How To Increase Your Etsy Sales.

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

So you opened your designed-to-be-promising Etsy store, created 20-30 listings together with consummate keywords, spent countless amount of hours & now you wait… Anticipate & wait, anticipate & wait for sales again. But nothing is happening…

And that’s when you start questioning yourself if starting on Etsy in 2023 is even worth it. You get thoughts like: “maybe market is too saturated?”, “perhaps my product doesn’t have that unique proposition” or “how do I even pick the keywords that aren’t too trivial & would stand out?”

You can’t be blamed – you MUST stand out nowadays in order to succeed on Etsy, work really hard & be consistent in what you do. That’s bad news (well, at least for some). However the amazing news is I will be supporting you throughout your entire journey and this particular article is focused on 5 non-trivial tips on how to start making and increase your Etsy sales in 2023 & beyond.

I do call the tips unconventional simply because I won’t mention things that everybody knows. Things like to give your shop a complete look (which in fact is the very first thing that you should do). Indeed elaborately completing every single section of your shop won’t hurt, but will only bring results. Address the “about” section,

mention your mission (preferably with a good cause), vision & proposition, showcase your banner, logo & icon (yes that photo of yourself), add your website & Facebook page into relevant fields (gotta have that social proof):

fill out all policies – return, shipping, FAQ’s:

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