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5 Boxes Your Title / Headline Should Tick To Bring You Sales (with detailed examples!)

Updated: Nov 7

Whether you write to sell, to persuade or simply to entertain and get more followers, title of your text is a determining factor. It determines... well everything. It's the beginning, THAT first impression. If correctly built, you will eventually achieve your goal (our goal is a fascinated reader, who makes a decision to buy by the end of reading your copy). Yes, your headline can carry various purposes, but the main one is to make the reader continue reading.

Effective titles catch your reader attention, inform, educate, entertain, promise to provide a benefit, as well as make the algorithms work in your favour.

Here are 5 boxes your title should tick to be called great:

  1. It should be helpful or promising to provide beneficial information. Ex: "8 reasons why your Etsy sales are in decline this month".

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